Resolve support tickets faster and improve customer satisfaction

Get to the root cause of a customer issue in minutes with Rollbar

Understand the customer impact of every error

As a new customer support ticket comes in, it can be hard to understand the criticality and the scale of impact on other customers. With Rollbar, you can see all the users impacted by an error using Rollbar’s ‘People Tracking’ function. Understand the extent of impact and reach out proactively or triage and resolve before more support tickets are placed.

You can also prioritize errors affecting critical customers or critical workflows easily and minimize any risk of churn.

Get to the root cause easily with immediate context

Forget the tedious back and forth with customers. Rollbar gives you all the contextual and historical information on the customer issue to get to the root cause faster. Get complete code context with the stack trace and the exact line of code that caused the error. Follow the breadcrumbs with telemetry support and know the exact state the application was in at the time the error occurred with local variables.

Rollbar integrates with key support tools such as HelpScout and Zendesk (through a webhook), so you can easily jump to the appropriate Rollbar item, find it using custom data such as a customer or transaction ID, or create a ticket automatically in Zendesk.

Assign an issue to the right person or team immediately

It can be hard to find the right person to resolve an issue. And the back and forth with the development team can often be time-consuming. With Rollbar, you can see the related git blame information and the last person to edit the exact line of code where the error occurred. Assign the error to the right person or dev team straightaway. Or have enough context to have the support engineering team resolve it in minutes.

You can also see if the issue needs to be escalated to an external third party for resolution. After all, faster assignment means faster resolution and happier customers!

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"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

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