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Today, innovation and product quality have become more important than ever before. However, development teams are still hesitant to release new code because they don’t have complete visibility into what’s breaking and where.

Rollbar acts as your safety net from testing all the way to release and production, reducing the risk of negative customer impact. Your team gets all the information on new and reactivated errors in every code revision in real-time. You can focus on moving fast confidently and we’ll make sure you know if anything is breaking anything.

Increase developer productivity and happiness

Finding, reproducing, and fixing bugs is a time-consuming process that can affect your development team’s productivity and increase the mental switching cost. We know that errors are a part of building software, but with Rollbar you spend much less time finding and fixing bugs, and more time building the next best thing.

With our automation-grade grouping, intelligent real-time alerts, and automated workflows, developers can trust Rollbar to do some of the heavy lifting for them. Plus, we provide the stack trace, git blame, telemetry, and local variables so that fixing bugs takes minutes and not hours or days.

Maintain high product quality even as your business scales

You don’t have to let scale get in the way of your code quality anymore. Rollbar works where your developers work. From testing and staging, all the way to deployments and post-production, we find what’s breaking in real-time. With our people tracking functionality and contextual metadata, you know exactly which customers are being affected by an error and where.

Rollbar also acts as a bridge between your devops team and software developers to detect infrastructure issues early and help get an issue assigned to the right person faster.

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"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

Error Monitoring

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