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For Enterprise

Trusted for your most critical applications

Don’t lose customers due to application crashes, uncaught errors and slow response. Rollbar provides full coverage across all the applications that your users depend on and love. Automate real-time crash and error response, ensure happier customers, and more productive development teams.

400 M

monthly active application end users covered

1 B+

unique errors caught

150 M

error occurrences processed daily

Code is always being written, running, or breaking

What do you get when your development teams are able to focus on writing and running code, knowing they can find critical errors in real-time, and fix code issues quickly and cost-efficiently?

Give your development teams the confidence and freedom to move fast

Rollbar’s continuous code improvement platform provides full coverage across all your critical internal and external applications, empowering developers to stay nimble and focus on continually improving their code.

Software Development

Ship Faster

Confidently release new code
Discover unique and critical errors proactively before users notice. Remediate errors before users are impacted.

Spend more time building
Automate the response to critical errors. Fix errors in minutes by seeing all the code context in one place.

Quality Assurance

Increase release quality

Faster & more effective testing & QA
Proactively discover errors not found by testing. Improve test coverage for future cycles.

Resolve found errors
Fix failed and broken tests faster with more context on errors. Reduce the back and forth between development and QA teams.

Platform & Ops

Maintain application quality

Get ahead of issues
Improve signal to noise ratio and reduce false positives for on-call developers & SREs. Get instant notification of issues, even those that only affect a small number of users.

Restore service quickly
Detect infrastructure issues and application errors early. Easily identify root-causes and assign issues to the right team.

Customer Support

Provide high-quality support

Keep customers informed
Understand the impact and cause of an issue. Get complete information on all impacted customers.

Resolve customer tickets
Prioritize and triage issues with immediate context and metadata on errors. Get to the root cause quickly and assign issues to the right team or individual.

Integrations for every step of your code lifecycle

Rollbar connects seamlessly with the applications and workflows your development team already has in place. Use Rollbar error data to set up automated workflows and get ahead of issues.

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"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

Error Monitoring

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