Discover & Fix Errors Faster Across Your Development Pipeline

Deliver the best possible customer experience at all times. From testing to production, Rollbar helps you uncover and resolve errors in real-time. Release confidently knowing that you’ll catch every bug early, make sure your app works as you want it to all the time, and even help your customer support team close tickets in record time.

Flask error reporting with Rollbar

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Low-Risk Releases

We’ve all heard of no-deploy Fridays. And endless testing cycles. Software teams are often hesitant to deploy to production because even one escaped bug can affect customers. Rollbar acts as your safety blanket by catching errors before your users notice – even on a Friday.

  • Receive instant notifications about any new bugs, before users complain
  • Get the stack trace and contextual metadata on each error to fix right away
  • Automate how you respond to critical errors based on real-time error information

Production Code Quality

It’s hard to know which errors to focus on with all the noise from your observability tools. It’s even harder to reproduce and resolve them. Our automation-grade grouping eliminates false and missed alarms, so you know what to fix first.

  • Discover unique and critical errors in production before major customer impact
  • Stop alert fatigue with error alerts you can actually trust, and act on
  • Reduce customer support issues by getting ahead on production issues

DevOps Bridge

Infrastructure and application issues take too long to show up as anomalies, or might not show up at all. Plus, knowing the root causes and which teams should address them is tough. Rollbar bridges the gap between SREs and developers to reduce the time between bug detection and resolution.

  • Reduce false positives for on-call developers and SREs
  • Discover issues that might only affect a small number of customers
  • Assign issues to the right team faster and identify the root-cause easily

Customer Support

Resolving a customer support ticket can be a game of telephone between support teams, ops, and development. The team assigned has to decipher and reproduce the issue with minimal context. Rollbar gives you all the data you need to solve customer issues fast and integrates into workflows to facilitate clear communication.

  • Get to the root-cause of errors affecting customers
  • Know how many other customers are impacted by a reported issue
  • Assign to the right team or person faster to fix support tickets in record time

Effective Testing & QA

You can’t test for every edge case. You want to prevent bugs in production but not at the cost of moving quickly. Rollbar increases the effectiveness, and speed, of your QA process, without worrying about 100% test coverage. And rest easy knowing that Rollbar will catch it in production, just in case.

  • Fix failed or broken tests faster with more context on errors
  • Improve your QA process over time by discovering errors not found in testing
  • Reduce the back and forth between development and QA teams

"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

Error Monitoring

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