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Rollbar is fully compliant with industry standards


ISO 27001


Privacy Shield


As an agile team that handles sensitive data, we not only need an error monitoring tool that fits into our continuous deployment and development process, but we must make sure that we protect our client’s sensitive data while meeting HIPAA compliance.

Warren Habib

CTO, Everplans

Get richer, real-time error data in your application monitoring stack

No more waiting for lagging data

Live error feed allows you to track issues in real-time, and respond even before your customers contact Support

Get contextual data for faster debugging

See suspect deploys, code changes that led to errors, stack traces and more, so you can deploy confidently

Protect sensitive data

Advanced security features that help you keep PII safe and secure.

Encryption at Rest

All data is encrypted at application level using AES-256 GCM encryption.

Security Access Controls

SAML-based SSO, two-factor authentication, and policy-based access.

Data Removal & Retention

PII, PHI, PCI data filtering and removal, and custom data retention period.

Audit Controls

Comprehensive and auditable logs of user activities.

Penetration Testing

Independent and internal audits conducted on a regular basis.

Customized Agreements

Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) or custom T&Cs as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compliant SaaS is an edition of Rollbar with advanced security features such as encryption at rest, which along with procedures we’ve instituted make us fully compliant with standards such as HIPAA and ISO 27001.

A SaaS solution saves you the costs of running and maintaining an on-premise solution and the burden of ensuring compliance. Ours is the only compliant SaaS for error monitoring available in the market today.

Our data center, where data is stored and encrypted at rest, is located in Iowa, USA and compliant with industry standards including AICPA SOC 2 and 3. We also use a global PoP network for fast & reliable experience.

Yes, we have been preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation, and will support these new regulations by the May 2018 deadline.

Yes. To maintain PCI-DSS compliance, you can use our SDKs to filter credit card numbers automatically. We encrypt data at rest, and store them in SOC 2-compliant data centers.

Yes, as a Rollbar Compliant SaaS customer you have the option to have Rollbar sign a BAA with you to ensure that we, as your business partner with access to PHI, is HIPAA-compliant.

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