Prioritize and fix, based on severity

Not all errors are created equal. Know which ones are urgent and take immediate action to resolve them — before users notice

Know what needs your immediate attention — and what doesn’t

Our platform shows you critical metadata, in one simple view, so you can decide what errors you need to prioritize. See what errors are affecting which customers, how often they’re occurring (and when), what browsers and IPs they’re affecting, and more.

You’ll even be able to see if a similar error has been fixed before, and if the solution was published.

Proactively assign errors to the right person

Knowing what you need to fix is the first step but knowing how to resolve it isn’t always so simple. With Rollbar, you can assign errors to the correct person directly from the platform. You can even view the git blame directly in Rollbar so you don’t need to switch back and forth between GitHub and Rollbar.

Better yet, you can set up automated issue tracking to automatically log errors in tools like Jira. Once you solve the issue in Rollbar, the ticket is automatically closed. It’s that simple.

Do more with your data

Get complete access to your Rollbar data and find the insights you need. With Rollbar Query Language (RQL), you can query your Rollbar data in any way you want. Easily find errors that occurred between specific deploys, aggregate errors for specific customers, or find the number of 500s your users experienced broken down by urls.

You can also extend the power of RQL to create dashboards with your preferred tools.

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Immediately identify the root cause of errors so you can quickly resolve them with minimal debugging effort.

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