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Albert’s story with Rollbar

Albert’s story with Rollbar

Albert Leao


Albert Leao

Albert has now been using Rollbar for 100 consecutive months!

1. What company do you work for (describe the product/service) and what projects are you working on there?

My name is Albert Leao I'm the founder of, a social media management company that primarily helps real estate agents market their business online. We integrate with various social media platforms and offer content publishing tools, analytics, and ad-management.

2. What are you most passionate about in your current and/or past roles?

With the advent of A.I., we've been focused on providing high quality content generation and more advanced scheduling options. These new tools allow our clients to easily have first-rate, original, and converting content generated that is scheduled at the click of a button.

When it comes to social media marketing we work closely with real estate agents, so we feel their pain when it comes to trying to market online. It's a full-time job to just keep up with the changes in social media (and recently there's been quite a lot of changes!) so we work hard to make sure that not only do we simplify the process but that we deliver the smoothest possible experience.

3. Is there anything in particular about Rollbar that has kept you a loyal user all this time?

One of the difficulties of depending on so many 3rd party applications is having to deal with issues that may arise unexpectedly. Rollbar has been our most powerful tool when mitigating and quickly reacting to these errors when they do arise. With Rollbar integrations, our team can receive a slack message the instant something comes up in any of our environments and begin working towards a positive outcome. Not only does it make it easy for us, it also allows us to engage with our clients quickly and keep them ahead of any issues that may arise. We have received tremendous positive feedback due to this process.

The availability or Rollbar libraries with all of our apps and environments makes it easy to have efficient and accurate error reporting at all times. We couldn't be happier with the features Rollbar has implemented and continues to implement.

"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

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