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Better together: Rollbar and Datadog

Better together: Rollbar and Datadog
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Going Beyond Observability with Rollbar and Datadog

Modern software development is a high-pressure affair. Competition means getting to market faster with higher quality code and being able to release software quicker, monitor it and both find and fix problems quickly. By using modern tools and building a new approach and workflow to allow for monitoring, observability, and intelligent and actionable alerts it is possible to achieve faster release cycles with higher code quality.

Google promotes the DORA metrics for helping organizations become elite at developing and releasing code. These metrics support approaches like Continuous Code Improvement (CCI) in achieving those high levels of code quality and performance. Tools like Rollbar and Datadog have a part to play in achieving good levels of these metrics, along with your code repository tools, your communication tools and your design approach.

Like any other highly skilled endeavour, the craft of software engineering is helped by using the best tools for the job. Rollbar provides industry leading error monitoring in real-time with AI-powered error grouping. Datadog provides industry leading observability into modern applications. While both tools can do parts of what the other can do, they aren’t as good. You wouldn’t use a hacksaw to cut wood for framing and you wouldn’t use a circular saw for cutting metal pipe. It just makes sense to use Rollbar for debugging and error monitoring and Datadog for observability. By taking a little time to integrate the two tools and have them work together you will reap additional benefits throughout your SDLC and also find synergies and features that you might not be making the most of right now.

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"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

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