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Brian’s story with Rollbar

Brian’s story with Rollbar

Brian Samson

Technologist, Entrepreneur, and CTO

Brian Samson

Brian has now been using Rollbar for 100 months!

1. My Role

Ten Forward signed up with Rollbar in 2016 and began using it on a single client project. By 2023 we had rollbar deployed across more than 21 client projects that we managed, and 6 additional clients had become large enough that they signed up for their own paid Rollbar accounts and granted us access.

As early as 2020 we positioned Rollbar as a "must-have" vendor for our clients - the service was extremely valuable and the cost was low enough that our clients did not balk at signing up and entering a credit card.

2. My Passion in the Role

Many of our clients are small, local businesses who are not "tech startups" but instead use technology, specifically software, to grow, support, and maintain their existing business. These companies often have small margins and no room for full time technical ops staff. Rollbar has allows us to provide critical services with very low downtime, which is extremely cost effective for this class of clients.

3. The Rollbar Experience

Rollbar enabled our small team to support a large number of client applications in production. Their monitoring software works initially with almost no configuration and also allows for detailed customization for our clients at scale. We have stuck with rollbar on other stacks beyond Rails including iOS and Android as have a great, easy to use interface that always has the information devs needs to debug production issues.

"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

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