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Connect Rollbar to your source code and issues in GitLab

Connect Rollbar to your source code and issues in GitLab
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Good news for GitLab users! You can now deep link error stack traces in Rollbar directly to the code in your GitLab repos. Rollbar now supports GitLab's native issue tracking features, allowing you to seemlessly debug and manage new issues as they happen in your existing workflow. We’ve rolled out support for source control for both and self-hosted. Issue tracking only supports, self-hosted support is coming soon.

Linking source code in GitLab to Rollbar stack traces


Whenever Rollbar detects errors in your application, you receive a detailed stack trace. By connecting your GitLab repos, you can also click through from the stack trace in Rollbar directly to the underlying code that broke in GitLab. It's like having x-ray vision for your application errors.

Turn errors in Rollbar into trackable issues in GitLab




Rollbar now supports GitLab issue tracker. It's a fairly straightforward integration: When viewing an error in Rollbar, simply click the "Create GitLab Issue" button to send the error details to GitLab. You can also link an error in Rollbar to an existing GitLab Issue, by copying and pasting the URL for the GitLab Issue you would like to link.

When you connect Rollbar and GitLab together, your debugging and error monitoring will become much more efficient. For more information, visit our GitLab documentation or press release for details.

Level up your issue and error tracking workflow when you connect Rollbar to
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