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Correlate errors to feature rollout tests with Rollbar and Split

Correlate errors to feature rollout tests with Rollbar and Split
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Our friends at Split wanted to let you know that you can now integrate Rollbar with Split. And take control of your error handling and feature rollouts - together. Enjoy! 🙂

Rollbar is an excellent error monitoring service that works across all of the languages Split supports. It’s great at telling you what’s going wrong and where, but doesn’t necessarily have all the details on why. That’s where Split comes in, with our new Rollbar integration.

We built Split to help teams take control of their deployments by slowly delivering features to targeted groups of users. In this way you can limit the scope of trouble when things do go wrong, killing the feature until it’s fixed, then slowly rolling it out again. Our new integration brings rollout metadata from features in Split into the Rollbar interface, so teams can quickly correlate errors against the latest deployments.

When it looks like a recently-released feature was responsible for the degradation of service, Rollbar users can click-through to Split to quickly take action, saving valuable time in the remediation process.

Here's a a quick demo on how Rollbar and Split work together to make your controlled feature rollouts more productive.

Like you, we care deeply about giving your end-users the best experience possible, and Split’s controlled rollouts paired with Rollbar’s robust error notification make delivering on that promise easy. Our Rollbar integration is free to customers of both services, and you can always try Split free for 30 days.

To learn more, visit our integration documentation for Split. To see if Rollbar integrates with other tools you’re using, see our full list of integrations here. If you haven’t already, signup for a 14-day free trial of Rollbar and let us help you defeat errors in production.