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Deep link stack traces to Bitbucket and track Pipeline deploys

Deep link stack traces to Bitbucket and track Pipeline deploys
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Good news for Bitbucket users! You can now deep link error stack traces in Rollbar directly to the code in your Bitbucket repos. Rollbar also now integrates with Bitbucket Pipelines.

Deep links to your source code in Bitbucket


Configure Pipelines to notify Rollbar of new deploys


Once Pipelines is configured, every deploy of your app will automatically be tracked in Rollbar. Making it easier to identify which code changes led to critical production issues.

Rollbar integrates with the following Bitbucket features, Bitbucket Issue Tracker, and now Bitbucket repos and Bitbucket Pipelines.

Don't forget Rollbar also integrates with other Atlassian products, like JIRA, HipChat and of course Bitbucket.

Dealing with errors can be time consuming and often an interruption in your everyday development workflow. It's important that we continue to work to improve this process and that we extend the capabilities and insights of your current toolset and workflows. We hope that you enjoy the new integration options!

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