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Introducing our new Item Detail page

Introducing our new Item Detail page
We’re excited to share a significant update to all Rollbar plans in the next few weeks. We’ve redesigned our item detail page with a new mobile layout, prioritized important error context, display occurrence details more clearly, and put all actions at your fingertips. With our new UI, we are confident you will work more efficiently, so you can resolve errors quickly and get back to your essential work.

Error resolutions on the go

First, our most requested design change. We understand you won’t always be at your laptop, but you want to manage your errors and resolve them as quickly as possible. Our new Item Detail page will allow you to check on all your errors from any mobile device, no matter where you are. We included easy-to-read views, collapsible panels to reduce scrolling, and new slide-over panels to reduce loading times. And we even built a new action panel that gives you access to all commands from anywhere on the page.

New Mobile Design

Reduced scrolling

We wanted to ensure you had the most crucial actions at the top of the page and that you could resolve your error as quickly as possible. You’ll always have access to update the error’s status. From muting or unmuting notifications, assigning ownership, or creating tickets, our action header gives you access from anywhere on the page. Action Bar

View Item Context details

Our new context panel provides summarized data across all the occurrences within the Item. Now you can get important information about how your errors impact your users, their browsers, and how often it has occurred over time. Future work will build on this to provide further summarization of the data contained within the occurrences of the item.

Item Context Panel

Debug quicker

At the heart of the Item Detail page are the details of an individual occurrence that show what happened to trigger the event. When the Item Detail page is opened, the detail panel shows the data contained in the latest occurrence thrown, with the ability to open specific occurrences if required. The design of the Occurrence section has been updated to present the data contained and the history leading up to the event more clearly so that you can dig into, investigate and understand the Occurrence quickly, and resolve issues faster Debug quicker with the new item details panel

Collaboration where you need it

We have also added a Root Cause & History panel, located on the far right side and visible by default on the desktop view. It provides a timeline of items, related information, collaborators' notes, or status changes. You can get up to speed on the item history, who you need to work with, and the best way to fix your problem. Root Cause and History Panel

Get started now

We are excited to get our new interface into your hands, and we hope you are too. You can view it today by clicking on our new UI banner at the top of the Item Detail page. And don’t worry - while we refine the new design, we will give you the option to change back to the legacy Item Detail view. You can read our detailed release notes to learn more about our new design. We look forward to seeing how our new UI can increase your speed in resolving your issues.

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