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Introducing the New Rollbar Integration for GitHub Enterprise Server

Introducing the New Rollbar Integration for GitHub Enterprise Server
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We’re excited to launch our new integration with GitHub that supports GitHub Enterprise Server customers. This allows companies using GitHub Enterprise on their own domains to access key features in Rollbar that help developers fix errors faster. GitHub Enterprise offers a fully integrated development platform for organizations to accelerate software innovation and secure delivery.

With Rollbar, GitHub Enterprise Server customers can now access:

  • Code-context with the exact line of code in the stack trace that caused an error
  • Git blame information for the offending line of code directly within the Rollbar application

Spend More Time Building, Less Time Fixing

We believe that developers should be spending as much time as possible on building new features and less time fixing bugs. With expanded availability for GitHub Enterprise Server, enterprises can now reduce the time it takes them to resolve bugs and spend more time building and scaling software.

Debug Faster With More Context

Let’s dig a little deeper into the features to see how a developer might use them.

Let’s say you get a notification for a new or reactivated error in Rollbar. To get to the root cause, you can go to the Traceback in the Item details page and see the exact line of the code that caused the error in each frame of the stack trace directly within the Rollbar UI. This is the ‘Code Context’ functionality that helps developers save time and see critical information instantly in Rollbar.

Now, you may want to get more context on who should be assigned to the error or why there were changes made to the code. You don’t have to go to GitHub anymore to get this information. You can see the GitHub User Avatar of the last person to edit the offending line of code in Rollbar. If you hover over the Avatar, you can directly visit the pull request and the commit for that code.

For more details, check out our blog post on our Git blame support.

Try It Now

Set up the integration using your existing Rollbar account here. You can sign up for a new Rollbar account at the GitHub marketplace or at

"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

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