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PLUM’s Story with Rollbar

PLUM’s Story with Rollbar

PLUM is a software company that specializes in creating tailored solutions

We believe in teamwork, innovation, and delivering top-notch results. Our dedicated team is passionate about helping businesses grow with exceptional software.

1. What company do you work for (describe their product/service) and what projects are you working on there?

At PLUM, we focus on crafting custom software solutions tailored to specific needs. Our projects range from helping startups launch their initial products to assisting established enterprises in scaling and enhancing their software infrastructure.

2. What are you most passionate about in your current and/or past roles?

What I'm most passionate about in my role at PLUM is the opportunity to innovate and collaborate. Every project presents a unique challenge, and finding the best solution through teamwork and creativity is incredibly rewarding. I take pride in seeing our clients succeed and grow, knowing that our software played a part in that journey.

3. Is there anything in particular about Rollbar that has kept you a loyal user?

Rollbar has been an invaluable tool for us. Its real-time error tracking and detailed insights allow us to catch and fix issues before they escalate. The ease of integration and the clarity it provides into our applications' health have made it an essential part of our development process. The proactive approach to error management that Rollbar offers ensures that we deliver the best quality software to our clients.

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"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

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