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Query Rollbar data directly from our API

Query Rollbar data directly from our API
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Good news for RQL users. Until recently RQL usage was limited to the Rollbar interface. That's no longer a problem. Now you can access RQL directly from our API.

We like to believe that our interface provides just about everything you need to discover, investigate and resolve errors in your software. That being said, we know that everyone's needs are
not the same. So, we created the Rollbar Query Language (RQL for short) to give Rollbar users more controls over their data. Many of our users have grown to depend on RQL for getting their day to day work done.


RQL is a familiar SQL-like language for querying your Rollbar data. Here's a few ways that RQL can
be useful:

  • Want to find out the number of 500s your users experienced broken down by the url they were on at
    the moment?
  • Search items using more complex filters than is possible on the Rollbar website.
  • Search for items that occurred between two specific deploys

Extend the power of RQL and make the perfect dashboard or tool with your queried error data directly
from the API. For help, checkout our API documentation for RQL.

For an example that runs on the data from our Live Demo check out the
API-Examples repository on GitHub.

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