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Query Smarter, Not Harder

Query Smarter, Not Harder

Meet Rollbar’s New AI Assistant for RQL

We're excited to share an update to our Analyze package—introducing the RQL AI Assistant, a natural language AI assistant to help you write your RQL queries.

If you've ever been frustrated by the complexity of Rollbar Query Language (RQL) or the time it takes to get your data, this feature is the solution you've been waiting for. We understand working with the RQL has been a steep learning curve for many. That's why we took your feedback seriously and developed a feature that allows you to use natural language for your queries. Imagine getting the needed data by simply typing your question as if asking another engineer. No more wrestling with complex syntax or table schemas; just type and go.

RQL AI Assistant UI

The natural language interface allows query input in plain English, eliminating the intimidating barrier of learning a new query language. Our AI Assistant offers real-time intelligent query and table schema suggestions, making query construction seamless and straightforward. Once you double-check, you can submit and see your results. No more looking through documentation or being frustrated with understanding the query structure.

We hope this increases your workflow and speeds up fetching the data you need. Efficiency is at the forefront of this new feature, as it helps you focus on what truly matters—analyzing data to make informed decisions to resolve your errors faster.

This is an experimental feature, so we will limit the queries to 50 a month for the account. But we are committed to continuing to iterate on this feature and make writing RQL a breeze for all our users. This new feature is exclusively available for our Advanced package users whose account owner has agreed to the Data access agreement in their account settings. If you're on an Enterprise plan and intrigued, reach out to your account manager to get this feature added to your package.

Don't miss out on simplifying your Rollbar experience. If you're not on our Advanced package yet, it's the perfect time to upgrade. For those already enjoying the benefits, we're listening for your feedback. Feel free to send your thoughts and experiences to [email protected].

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