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Robin’s story with Rollbar

Robin’s story with Rollbar

Robin Dunlop

Software Business Owner



Robin has now been using Rollbar for 103 months!

1. My Role

I am now self-employed. I am a software consultant for various clients, I work mostly in a maintenance capacity.

2. My Passion in the Role

I am passionate about maintenance. I have enough experience that I think that large re-writes are generally a bad idea. Identifying and fixing issues on existing systems are more important than replacing the system wholly.

3. The Rollbar Experience

It works, it's easy to integrate, it's notification system (through email) with grouping works well (usually...sometimes the grouping is not quite right, but I haven't taken the time to figure out how to fix that on my end)

"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

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