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We Are Rollbar Support

We Are Rollbar Support
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Hello, we are Rollbar support!

At Rollbar, support has many limbs. We receive all the communication sent to Rollbar via chat or to [email protected]. We then triage that information and take action on it as applicable.

Get Solutions to Your Technical Problems

We troubleshoot all your technical questions and try to replicate the issues that you encounter. If you are not able to start a new app, we will double check your app configuration for you. If the GitHub link on your stack trace is pointing to a different endpoint than what you would like, we help you figure out how to set the right path. If you don't see the data that you’d like to see in the logs, we check your settings and give you tips on how to get to what you want. If you think that two different errors belong together, we will help you write a custom fingerprinting rule to get there.

Learn More About New Features

Even after working at Rollbar for over a year, I keep learning new things about our product everyday. Rollbar is always developing new ways to debug, monitor and triage your data, and helping you organize the errors. If you have any questions about any product features, such as: What can these features do for you? What’s the best way to set them up or use them? Are they available on the plan that you currently have? Support will walk you through and get you where you want to be!

And More..

We are also the first ones to hear about any performance issue that you encounter during maintenance. We want to hear if something on our app is not working as you were expecting it to. And we are happy to give you an update on our status if you prefer to talk to us instead of going to our status page:

We hear your billing concerns, help you figure out how to prevent peaks on your data and how to find the right plan for your needs. We issue new invoices, make sure that the charges on your credit card are correct, and inspect and redo any necessary billing work.

If we don’t have the immediate answer for your question/concerns we will either find out and get back to you or direct you to the right people in the company.

Think of us as a ‘Jack of all trades’.

Looking forward to talking to you! 🙂