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Welcoming Letania Ferreira

Welcoming Letania Ferreira
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Letania is another new member of our support team and started as a Customer Service Engineer in December 2018. She’s new to the software engineering world and, like many other Rollbar employees, has a unique background that led her here.

Letania has lived and worked in Europe, North America and South America. She is originally from Brazil, where she studied Portuguese and English as an undergrad. She went on to eventually earn her Master’s in Romance languages and a PhD in Romance Linguistics. She has previously worked as an English instructor in Belgium, has taught university classes as an assistant professor/visiting instructor at universities in Illinois and Brazil, and worked as a linguist in Brazil for an innovation technology company. After many years in this field, she attended Hackbright Academy to learn some basic coding skills but ended up falling in love with it and is now working towards becoming a full-fledged developer.

When asked what drew her to pivot her career interests towards software engineering Letania responds that she was looking for a change to something new. Going from 20 years in academia to working for a startup may seem like quite the 180 but Letania finds a lot of similarities between the work and research she was doing in linguistics and coding. Both of them, she says, are based on finding and following rules and patterns. As a researcher she spent a lot of time running and analyzing large amounts of data to translate that data into actionable insights. This unique experience in data analysis was her gateway to coding and she hopes to continue learning as she serves on the Rollbar support team.

Letania was initially excited to work at Rollbar because of the mission to help developers and the potential to create new features that will make software engineers’ lives easier. A few months in though, she says her favorite part about working here is the people. She’s glad to have found a helpful and supportive community that will proactively find ways to support one another. We are all excited to see where Letania's career goes with Rollbar!

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