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Welcoming Samebug to Rollbar

Welcoming Samebug to Rollbar
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Today we're announcing that we've acquired Hungary-based Samebug. This is an important moment for Rollbar and represents a big step in our mission to help companies build software better, faster, and our vision of a life without bugs.

Two summers ago, Cory and I stumbled across the website. We had been noodling on the observation that many of the bugs that developers find and fix via Rollbar are pretty similar to the ones that other developers are finding and fixing, and we were wondering if there could be a way that Rollbar could help connect those developers to each other and reduce that duplication of work. When we saw the stack trace search engine that Samebug had built, powered by what appeared to be a grouping algorithm not unlike ours, we were intrigued.

Soon, we met Samebug's founders, Reni, Arpi, and Dani, and discovered kindred spirits. It was clear that we shared a vision of how much better building software could be, and an approach to business and life grounded in honesty and transparency. Over the past year and a half, we explored various ways we could work together, culminating in today's announcement.

As a Rollbar customer, you can look forward to our core feature - grouping - getting better and better as we integrate Samebug's technology into the Rollbar grouping engine, and longer-term, to our combined team putting our heads together to solve this and other deep problems that remain unsolved by any error monitoring solution. And as founders, it was exhilarating this morning to walk into our company all-hands with so many new faces in the room, eager for the road ahead.


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