Deploy better software more often

Rollbar gives you real-time insight into errors and their root cause so you can deploy more frequently with fewer errors. We help companies increase their deployment frequency by 9x.

Monitor and fix errors in real-time before your users notice

Get complete visibility into what’s broken with all the details you need to fix bugs faster. Monitor, debug and triage errors in real-time so you can move faster without compromising your software quality or customer experience. With a single click, you can see rich metadata such as stack traces with complete code context, request parameters, local variables, and affected users.

Filter out the noise with advanced grouping technology

Rollbar reduces the noise and helps you focus on errors that matter by automatically grouping similar errors together using our proprietary fingerprinting technology. You can also train the system by creating custom fingerprinting rules or accepting the ones that Rollbar suggests, so that future occurrences of the same exception class are grouped together.

Ensure low-risk continuous delivery with automated verification

Verify canary, blue/green, or other deploys faster to take any post-deployment action such as a full rollout or a rollback. With Versions, you can see all new and reactivated errors from each deployed code version across multiple projects in your account. Triage and debug easily with information on who deployed each version and any resolved or unresolved errors.

"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

Error Monitoring

Implement and get value in minutes

You can integrate Rollbar seamlessly within minutes without any change in your workflow or your CI/CD pipeline. And our integrations and notifications can be configured uniquely for each service, making it easier to customize to what works best for your team.

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