Java Error Logging with Rollbar

Real-time error monitoring, alerting, and analytics for Java

Getting started is quick and easy

Add the Rollbar Java SDK


Configure and test

import static com.rollbar.notifier.config.ConfigBuilder.withAccessToken;
import com.rollbar.notifier.Rollbar;
Rollbar rollbar = Rollbar.init(withAccessToken("TOKEN GOES HERE"));
rollbar.log("Hello, Rollbar");

Handling errors in Java

Without Rollbar With Rollbar
Errors get lost in a sea of logs Errors are automatically grouped, and their history is tracked
No visibility into Android app errors other than crashes Full stack monitoring with visibility into errors on Android, web, and server side
Getting from an error to the code the caused it takes time Source code integration to see the root cause code in a single click
Manually tracking down what changed during production issues Instantly see new errors for each deploy, along with code changes made
No visibility into how many and which customers are affected Person tracking so you can prioritize errors for fixing

Detect, diagnose, and debug Java with ease

Quickly triage production issues

Classify notifications by error type, source, frequency, and more to support and enhance your workflow. Instantly notify the right person or team in the tools you use everyday.

java error monitoring tools

Track errors to code deployments

Rollbar keeps a history of your deploys, commits, and undeployed changes. For each error, Rollbar automatically identifies the suspect deploy, that caused the issue. See which commits were included in each deploy and view full diffs for even more insight and context.

java errors in production

User impact analysis

Ignored errors, negatively impact your customers experience. Identify 1 user issue before it affects 1,000. Get visibility into the types of errors seen by specific users and the number of users for each error.

Track client-side JavaScript errors in all browsers

Debug better with contextual data

See what environments experience each error to identify patterns affecting specific browsers, operating systems, IPs, etc. And, get insight into users who've experienced errors, or which deployments are suspected to have caused the error.

JavaScript error data

Reduce noise

Rollbar offers a handful of options to help, reduce the noise and focus on impactful Java errors. Rollbar automatically groups errors using fingerprints, merge similar errors, and custom rules to ignore specific Java errors.

Group similar Java errors for clear error reporting

Rollbar works where you do



Issue Tracking

IT Alerting

Source Control

We only release if we're confident we have a quality candidate to release. Rollbar is an essential part of our release process, helping us make sure that the code and the new features we're shipping are as high quality as possible. It's the best tool in the industry.

Ian Chan

Director of Engineering

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