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Detect, diagnose and debug
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Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. Rollbar collects a wide variety of context data, including detailed stack traces, request params, URL, environment, affected users and much more. Review error trends by occurrence, browser, deployment, OS, location, user, host. Get a deeper understanding of your errors and exceptions. Learn more.

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Smart error grouping and alerts

With Rollbar, your application errors automatically get grouped by root cause. Customize your grouping rules to reduce noise and see what’s really happening in your code. Setup notifications for email and services you already use in your workflow. Only get notified about the errors you care about. Learn more about grouping.

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Get to Rollbar Zero

Get to Rollbar Zero with easy-to-use workflow controls. Get notified of regressions when Resolved errors reoccur. See what matters and Mute to hide items from your view. Override the Severity of errors. Distribute tasks by assigning errors to members of your team. And create issues in your preferred issue tracker automatically. Learn more.

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Keep track of code deployments

Notify Rollbar when you deploy code and get a 360 degree view of your entire deployment history for each environment and how deploys affect error rates. See which commits were included in each deploy and view full diffs for even more insight and context. Learn more about deploy tracking.

Deploy History | Deploy Graphs | Deploy Timeline

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Understand your user experience

See which users experienced specific errors. Or look up the full history of errors seen by a particular user. Stay on top of support issues and reach out to specific users when errors occur or when an issue is resolved etc. Learn more.

Rollbar Query Language (RQL)

RQL provides you with a rich querying interface to the data in Rollbar. It’s purpose built to be SQL-like and familiar to SQL users. Learn more.

Robust API

The Rollbar API provides a RESTful interface to the data in your account. Use the API to create notifiers for additional languages, get data out to integrate with other systems, query for analysis, and more. Learn more about the our API.

Custom log messages

You can send any log message to Rollbar, not just exceptions. Just like with exceptions, you can attach any arbitrary metadata. Learn more.

Serious security and privacy

Data is transmitted over 2048-bit SSL, our alerts scrub sensitive data from requests, plus Two-Factor Authentication. Learn more.

JavaScript Source Maps

Use JavaScript Source Maps to translate the minified code back to the original source files, lines, and column numbers. Learn more.

Deploy on-premises

Rollbar is available as on-premises software, which you deploy and manage in your own secure environment. Learn more.

No data thrown away

We store everything you send us. Get accurate analysis with all of your data. Set your own rate limit and sample on your terms.

Engineer-level support

Our Support Engineers provide strategic and technical advice on configuring Rollbar in your environment via email and live chat.

Built for teams

Unlimited users! Assign issues to your team. Comment on errors. Advanced user access controls. Notification settings per member.

Full-text search

Search errors by class, message, host, status, severity, environment, filename, context, ip, userid, or email in real-time. Learn more.

dSYM and Proguard support

Automatically symbolicate iOS or Andrioid crashes in Rollbar when you provide the dSYM file or Proguard mapping files.

Over 60,000 developers rely on Rollbar
to track 14,000,000,000 errors

With Rollbar's error monitoring, grouping, alerting, stack traces, analytics and workflow integrations, we spend less time dealing with errors. ,,
Rollbar testimonial

Paul Bergeron
Director of Engineering, Triggit

With Rollbar our team can track regressions, verify fixes, be more responsive to subtle but impactful changes to our stack. This is much more than just an error tracking service. ,,
Rollbar testimonial

Brendan Fosberry
Sr. Engineer, Codeship

I'm a good developer, but I still manage to produce errors. Rollbar helps me find and fix errors fast, write cleaner code and ship with confidence. ,,
Rollbar testimonial

Matt Burke
Sr. Engineer, Red Ventures

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