Rollbar + Google Cloud Platform

Use Rollbar to track errors and improve user experience on Google Cloud apps.

Detect, diagnose and resolve errors in minutes

Integrating Rollbar with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) will help take your debugging and monitoring to the next level. Deep link stack traces to code repos, correlate errors to deployments, and start debugging better using your existing workflow and tools.

Single Sign On with Google Cloud Identity

Quickly manage user access to Rollbar using Google Cloud Identity. This Single Sign On (SSO) solution uses SAML to automatically add users, remove the, and set permissions.

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See errors in real time

A lot of things can happen—and problems can get obscured—when you rely on one minute granularity.

Use the Rollbar live feed to detect errors and exceptions in real-time. This is especially useful immediately after deploys.

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Track errors to deploy

Rollbar keeps a history of your deploys, commits, and undeployed changes. For each error, Rollbar automatically identifies the suspect deploy, that caused the issue. Quickly view the diff in your source code repository from here.

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Link errors to code

Instantly get to the line of code in your source repository that generated the error, directly from the stack trace.

Rollbar integrates with popular git repositories, such as GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.

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Code context and Git Blame

Debug faster with local variables and request replays

See the values of local variables in each method directly in the error stack trace. Replay requests with the exact same parameters to easily reproduce troublesome errors.

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Know what happened with Telemetry

Get a timeline of events in the browser leading up to when an error occurred, including user behavior, network activity, console messages, and more.

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Separate the signal from the noise

Merge similar and duplicate errors and create your own JSON-based custom rules to automatically group like error occurrences, so you can focus on what’s important.

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Resolve errors faster with workflow automation

Rollbar creates and assign issues automatically in your favorite issue tracking tool (Jira, GitHub, GitLab, and more) based on the error severity and predetermined settings. Use our automated workflows powered by intelligent grouping to resolve errors faster than ever before.

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"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

Error Monitoring

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