Rollbar + Terraform

Manage Rollbar easily and automatically at scale

Don’t let scale get in the way of your code quality

Use the Rollbar Terraform Provider to provision and manage Rollbar accounts automatically through Terraform. Reduce the time and the manual effort required to add or delete projects, users, and more. Just because your organization is growing, doesn’t mean your errors have to too.

Manage projects and users with ease

The Rollbar Terraform provider allows Terraform to control resources such as projects, teams, and users in your Rollbar account. Use declarative config files to –

  • Create, read, update or delete projects and users easily

  • Provision new projects automatically as new microservices are created

  • Provision Rollbar access tokens automatically

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Meet security requirements easily

As the team grows, it can be hard to keep a track of security and compliance needs for every tool manually. This integration allows you to –

  • Rotate Rollbar access tokens automatically

  • Update Rollbar Team membership when new employees join or leave

  • Manage security settings such as password policy, SAML/SSO settings, etc

  • Use a version control system to track any changes to the account over time

Save time with ‘ready-to-use’ scripts

Save time with ‘ready-to-use’ scripts Use pre-written scripts to make the set-up process even easier. These scripts will help you import your existing user, team, and project relationships into Terraform state files without having to write the files from scratch.

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Reduce human error and manual work

Terraform is a declarative framework – which means that you can describe the end state that you want to achieve without stating the exact steps and ‘how’ to get there. Let the Provider do the heavy lifting for you.

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"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

Error Monitoring

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