Rollbar to Offer Its Error-Monitoring Solution on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

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SAN FRANCISCO - April 9, 2019 -- Rollbar, provider of real-time error monitoring Software as a Service, announced today its partnership with Google Cloud and its availability on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace. Rollbar provides automatic error detection and analysis centered around its customizable grouping engine. GCP Marketplace lets users quickly deploy software that runs on Google Cloud Platform and allows customers to easily start up a familiar software package with Google Cloud services, with no manual configuration required.

With debugging taking up to 50 percent of software development time, adding Rollbar’s error-monitoring solution to the GCP Marketplace means customers now have instant access to a cutting-edge solution that enables developers and DevOps teams to monitor errors in real-time as new software is built and deployed, notify the right team of an error, and have rich contextual data for debugging the error faster across the development lifecycle. With Rollbar, engineering teams can detect application errors and resolve them quickly - greatly reducing time and human resources spent on traditional debugging. “Availability on the GCP Marketplace empowers development teams to take advantage of Rollbar’s real-time error monitoring solution - enabling them to release their software with confidence by providing visibility into the quality of code throughout their development lifecycle,” said Brian Rue, CEO of Rollbar.

GCP Marketplace supports ready-to-go technology stacks to accelerate development. Deploying Rollbar into any GCP environment is fast and easy, and billing is simplified because Rollbar shows up as a line item in the monthly GCP bill.

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Rollbar helps developers deploy better software, faster, with solutions that identify, prioritize and resolve coding errors. Rollbar works alongside a development team's existing tool chain to give greater coverage and insights into broken code, across the development lifecycle. Already in use at several thousand organizations, including Salesforce, Twilio, One Medical, Uber, Instacart, Twitch, Kayak and Lyft. Rollbar has won accolades for its ability to accelerate release cycles, reduce costs and improve software quality. Learn more at