Increase the effectiveness and speed of your QA process

Release faster and with confidence without worrying about adding more test coverage

Get more context on errors in testing

Rollbar gives you code context and metadata on errors so you know what to focus on and fix. See which errors are new or reactivated, the code version the errors showed up in the first time, and more.

Directly create an issue for the developer team with all the details and significantly reduce the back and forth between the two teams on what’s broken and where.

Find and fix failed or broken tests faster

If tests are passing, but errors are still being generated in Rollbar, you might have a broken test with a missing assertion. Find all broken tests easily. And Rollbar gives you all the code-context and related metadata for errors so you can fix any failed or broken test easily. See the exact line of code where the error occurred.

Rollbar helps you keep the change failure rate low and maintain confidence in code quality.

Find any gaps in your QA process

It’s impossible to catch every bug with automated and manual tests, and still meeting deployment timelines. Rollbar’s comprehensive monitoring captures smaller, less obvious errors early in the QA process, helping companies avoid production delays later on.

And Rollbar will find any errors that escape to production, so you can rest easy. Over time, you can use the data and analysis to improve the testing process to see which errors were not found by the QA process.

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"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

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