Rollbar vs Sentry

Use Rollbar to:

  • Collect errors from almost any major platform, language or framework
  • View detailed exception messages, stack traces and errors in real time
  • Trace errors all the way to the line of code, source code commit or release

Use Sentry to:

  • Collect and aggregate errors from a number of platforms, languages and frameworks
  • Host an error monitoring solution on-premise or in a private cloud
  • Embed requests for end user feedback into your application

Rollbar vs. Sentry
Comparison Table

Stack traces
Live error feed
Source code integration
Local variables
Suspected deployments
Account-wide dashboard
Error replay¹
Full query language
Supports on-premise
User feedback
Data collection rateAllSampled
Data retention180 days90 days
Single Sign On (SSO)All plansPaid plans only
Customizable rate limitsAll plansBusiness and Enterprise plans only
CertificationsHIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, Privacy Shield, ISO27001, CSA StarHIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, Privacy Shield

¹ Comparing out-of-the-box features

Why Rollbar is a better
alternative to Sentry

Debug and resolve errors faster

Rollbar collects, aggregates and displays errors in real time. Get instantaneous insight into your errors by viewing stack traces, exception messages and related errors. Rollbar shows you the most relevant information first and lets you drill down to specific occurrences for more advanced troubleshooting.

View account-wide statistics

See a consolidated view of items, code versions and deployments from all of your applications in the Account Dashboard. Monitor errors in real time for all projects from a single unified interface, then drill down into individual occurrences for more in-depth troubleshooting. The Account Dashboard is included in all plans.

Collect and retain more data

Rollbar stores all of your data for 180 days: twice as long as Sentry2 and without sampling. You can customize the retention period and rate limit on all paid plans, or set a sampling rate in the Rollbar SDK. For regulatory compliance, Rollbar can auto-remove People Tracking data for users and IP addresses no longer linked to an error.


Replay errors effortlessly

Reproduce end user actions by replaying HTTP requests. Rollbar automatically collects request headers for JavaScript, Rails and other web application frameworks. No need to install plugins or integrate with third-party services.

Query with powerful searches and filters

Search, sort and filter your data using the powerful Rollbar Query Language (RQL). Retrieve your project's items, occurrences and deployments using a using a fast and flexible SQL-like syntax. You can even query data created from custom fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the data retention different?

Rollbar stores data for 180 days for accounts with a paid plan and 30 days for accounts with a free plan. Accounts with a paid plan can reduce their retention period to as low as 7 days, as well as automatically delete users and IP data when there are no longer events associated with those entities. Sentry stores data for 90 days by default, after which it will permanently delete individual events.

How is the pricing different?

Rollbar plans include a generous number of events per month, and like Sentry, charges per event if you exceed your monthly limit. If it's more economical for you to upgrade to the next plan instead of paying on-demand, Rollbar can do that for you automatically. You can also choose to stop data collection once you reach your monthly limit. Sentry offers hosted plans that are priced by monthly event volume. Plans include a certain number of events, after which you pay per event.