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May Release Roundup

May Release Roundup
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Here’s a roundup of what’s new at Rollbar in the month of May.

Big Features

We revamped our notifications system, and added integrations with a bunch of new services. Rollbar now works with Asana, Campfire, Flowdock, GitHub Issues, Hipchat, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, and Trello, as well as any arbitrary system via a Webhook. See the announcement blog post for more details.

Small Features

  • You can now customize how occurrences are grouped. This first release allows you to define rules of things that should always be grouped together. See the documentation: Custom Grouping Rules. An in-depth post on how to use this is coming soon.

  • There’s now a “Download CSV” link at the bottom of the Items page, which will let you download a CSV of what you see on the page. Note that this information is also available via our API.


  • You can now sort the Items page by Total Occurrences or Unique Users, in additon to Last Occurrence. Click on the column headers to change the sort.


  • Links to files in GitHub are now linked to the appropriate revision, when this information is available. We’ll use one of the following (trying each in order):

    • the value of server.sha
    • the value of server.branch, if it looks like a SHA
    • the revision from the last deploy before the first occurrence of the item

Library Updates


We released rollbar-gem versions 0.9.11 through 0.9.14. The changes include a fix for use with Rails 4, a concurrency bugfix, better support for JSON requests, and the ability to include custom metadata with all reports. See the full changelog for details.

To upgrade, change the rollbar line in your Gemfile to:

gem 'rollbar', '~> 0.9.14'

We also contributed a fix to resque-rollbar to force use of synchronous mode when reporting Resque failures (instead of async mode, which doesn’t play nicely with Resque).


pyrollbar gained a feature and now at version 0.5.7.

See the changelog for details.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where pressing the back button would sometimes cause Chrome to render one of our JSON responses as if it were HTML
  • Fixed a bug where removed email addresses could not be re-added

Documentation Updates

More is on the way. Stay tuned! And don’t forget to send us any feedback: [email protected] — we love hearing from you.

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