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More Powerful Custom Grouping

More Powerful Custom Grouping
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Our Custom Grouping feature just got a lot more powerful. It's
now possible to:

  • group TimeoutErrors by the controller+action it appears in
  • group 404s by path
  • group all Android exceptions by the app version number

and much more, just by writing a simple JSON rule. This feature is live now for all accounts.

For the uninitiated: Custom Grouping allows you to tune Rollbar's grouping algorithm for the
specifics of your application. If our default algorithm isn't
grouping incoming occurrences like you want, you can define rules to customize. Rules consist of a
condition, a title, and a fingerprint. If an incoming occurrence matches the condition, then
it will be grouped with others that have the same fingerprint, and given the title title. (If it
doesn't match, then the next rule is evaluated, or if there are no more rules, the default algorithm
is applied.)

Previously, the title and fingerprint could only contain static text. Now, they're templates that
can reference:

  • any part of the incoming occurrence
  • the title and fingerprint generated by our default algorithm

For example, to group all ActionController::RoutingErrors by the request path (which comes in as the
exception message):

    "title": "{{ body.trace.exception.class }} {{ body.trace.exception.message }}",
    "fingerprint": "{{ body.trace.exception.class }}-{{ body.trace.exception.message }}",
    "condition": {
      "path": "body.trace.exception.class",
      "eq": "ActionController::RoutingError"

Or to have all Android exceptions grouped by app version:

    "title": "{{ default_title }} in version {{ }}",
    "fingerprint": "{{ default_fingerprint }}-androidversion-{{ }}",
    "condition": {
      "path": "framework",
      "eq": "android"

See the docs for more details.

We've already seen this solve a diverse set of grouping problems and are really excited about how
powerful this is. If you have any questions about how to get your errors grouped the way you want,
drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

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