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Keep an eye on your deploys with the help of Deploy Tracking

Keep an eye on your deploys with the help of Deploy Tracking


Nowadays, constant and fast deployment has become essential for your applications to keep up with the ever-changing needs of your customers. Elevate your Rollbar projects with Deploy tracking, and notify Rollbar about each one of your deployments to:

  • See new errors for each deployment,
  • Highlight the deployment that is suspected to have caused each error,
  • Auto-resolve errors that were fixed in each deployment,
  • Enable GitHub to notify Rollbar about errors.

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Track your deploys for more details

Every project that is connected to a web app should use deploys!

Reporting a new deploy to Rollbar can allow us to display all the code revisions between each release of the application. The Deploys screen provides a detailed view of all your deployments that were made to a particular environment.

The entry for each deploy displays a wide range of information to help you with the debugging process, including:

  • Start & finish time
  • Deploy status
  • Deploying user (if known)
  • Target environment
  • Code version (typically a Git SHA or a version number)
  • Deploy comments
  • List of commits included (if you've connected Rollbar to a git repository)

The Deploys screen offers visibility over your successful commits and your undeployed commits too.

Undeployed commits are the ones that were added to the master branch but have not yet been deployed. These commits will be highlighted at the top of the Deploys screen. This will provide more visibility for developers who have missed the commits while deploying to act quickly upon them.


Identify the deploy suspected for the error

Another advantage of Rollbar is Suspect Deploys. When deploys are reported to us, Rollbar identifies and connects the deployments that are suspected for the errors. This will accelerate the process of locating the place of the errors as you and your team will be able to follow up on them.

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Auto-resolve errors

Automation can make resolving errors a lot easier!

When deploy tracking is set-up you can easily configure Rollbar to automatically resolve active items with your next deploy. You can also configure your project to auto-resolve inactive items that have not occurred in a specified number of days. This way you do not have to manually go through your project to clean out resolved items, which leaves you more time to focus on newer items in your project.

Integrate with GitHub to get the most out of Rollbar

Deploy tracking works even better with GitHub source control integration!

With the help of the source control and deploy tracking integrations you can:

  • Resolve items via commit messages
  • View a detailed timeline of all the deploys that were made in a particular environment
  • Stack traces will include links to each file in the code version where the error was most recently activated.
  • View a list of commits included in each deploy that has URLs so you can view the difference for each commit as well as the entire deployed code version.

Get the details on how to get more context around your errors with the help of our GitHub source control integration article!

GitHub Actions

Enabling GitHub Actions automates the process of sending deployment information to Rollbar about your deploys. This feature will allow you to:

  • Automatically notify Rollbar of your deploys,
  • Link deploy information to new code versions, and having visibility on who deployed the changes, which environments are affected and the new error occurrences,
  • Have a more detailed code context to speed up the debugging process.

Are you ready to give it a go?

Check out our technical docs on Deploy tracking and set it up to harvest the benefits of the extra visibility of tracking each of your deploys, undeployed commits and the Suspect Deploys function!

Got an Advanced account? Check out our article on Versions and learn how to benefit from using it!

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