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Error Resolution Unveiled

Error Resolution Unveiled

Error Resolution Unveiled

Unlock Insights with the new Improve MTTR Metric

In today's fast-paced tech environment, swiftly and efficiently resolving software errors is essential to maintain the seamless operation of your application. A prominent problem for engineering leaders is they often need help tracking and effectively understanding their error resolution performance over time. With a comprehensive, real-time visualization of this data, making informed decisions, setting performance benchmarks, and optimizing resources become easier.

Today, we are excited to introduce a new enhancement to our Improve package – the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) metric. Unlike other tools, our MTTR metric measures the time from when an issue begins in production to when it gets resolved, not from a ticket opening or alert trigger. This distinctive feature makes the Rollbar MTTR more accurate and reliable.

The MTTR graph lets you view your resolved errors over set time periods. Whether these issues were manually resolved by a user or auto-resolved by our intelligent system, you can track your performance and gain valuable insights.

Our intuitive MTTR graph is a sophisticated tool that dynamically monitors your application’s error resolution times. It diligently compiles data, transforming it into an interactive graphical format accessible at your convenience. We don't limit ourselves to just a part of the application; instead, we take a comprehensive view by looking at resolved errors across the entire application. This includes errors corrected manually in the UI, those resolved automatically on deployment, inactive items that auto-resolve themselves, and errors managed via API. We provide links to documentation for each resolution type to assist you in navigating through this data.

We display the MTTR graph and the Deployment Frequency indicator as part of our commitment to delivering actionable insights. This exciting feature gives you a direct way to measure two of the four DORA key performance indicators. But we don't stop there. In our pursuit of giving a better picture of typical performance, we adopt the Median, just as DORA does. This approach effectively smooths the impact of outliers, ensuring you get the most accurate understanding of your application's health.

Furthermore, our new MTTR graph is designed flexibly, providing you with customizable filters for the project, environment, and framework. This gives you a truly holistic view of your application's health. With these insights at your fingertips, your team can optimize the application's performance and ensure it functions at its best.

The data behind the MTTR graph can also be retrieved programmatically using the Metrics API.


Our new MTTR metric offers several advantages for engineering leaders:

Data-Driven Decision-Making: The MTTR metric provides detailed, real-time data enabling informed decision-making processes to support your strategic planning and effectively manage resources.

Error Trend Analysis: The metric helps you identify patterns and trends by tracking error resolution over time. Understanding these trends can reveal insights into system reliability and the effectiveness of different error-handling approaches.

Performance Benchmarking: The metric also helps set performance benchmarks for the engineering team. Leaders can monitor if their teams are meeting, exceeding, or falling short of their resolution time goals and take corrective actions accordingly.


Leveraging the MTTR metric in your regular operations can yield a multitude of benefits:

Efficiency in Error Resolution: Tracking error resolution times with processes can improve debugging and troubleshooting efficiency. Teams can learn from past errors, understanding what methods and processes led to quicker resolutions.

Product Stability: With quicker error resolution and reduced recurrence, your product's overall stability and reliability increase. This leads to improved user experience and customer satisfaction.

Resource Optimization: By understanding resolution trends and setting benchmarks, teams can better allocate resources to high-priority issues, optimizing their usage and productivity.

MTTR is part of our Improve package and is available to our Advanced and Enterprise tiers. Upgrade to our advanced packages today, and empower your team with insights that can redefine your application's performance. Harness the potential of the MTTR metric now to ensure your application operates at its peak consistently. Choose precision, efficiency, unparalleled insights, and elevate your application's health. Upgrade today for a smoother tomorrow.

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