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Item Summarization

Item Summarization

Introducing Item Summarization

We are happy to announce the release of item summarization - a powerful tool to help users understand and utilize the data contained within the occurrences that make up an item.

Organizations and engineers often deal with many occurrences within an Item when investigating underlying causes. With such vast amounts of data, spotting patterns and insights can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming. Even with a comprehensive occurrences table, the specific details and typicality of individual occurrences can be difficult to interpret, leading to delays and potential confusion and delays in the investigation process.

Our new item summarization feature introduces a more profound understanding of the complexity within the occurrence data, accessible through two areas - the new summary tab and the typicality value found within the details tab. The summary data provides an overview of the data found within each parameter value, while the typicality value indicates how typical an individual occurrence’s parameter is within all the occurrences in the item. While these elements hold the potential for greater insight, the sheer volume of occurrences and the varying nature of parameters can create a maze of information. This may lead to missed patterns, incorrect interpretations, or extended investigation time.

Item Summarization

Item summarization offers an elegant solution to make use of this maze of data. In the new summary tab, users can see the top 3 values within each summarized key:value pair and the proportion of occurrences with each particular value. By assisting in ruling in or out the values of particular parameters, the summary data directs engineers to the correct areas of investigation. The typicality measure provides an easy-to-read insight into the specific value of an individual occurrence. These data summary points help in the quick and accurate understanding of the occurrence data, speeding up the investigation process.

By encapsulating the item, summarizing it, and measuring the typicality, item summarization effectively breaks down the data barrier, providing a clear pathway to investigate and understand the underlying issues. This innovation enhances the investigative process and empowers organizations to delve deeper into occurrences and items, streamlining efficiency and clarity in their operations.

Upcoming Work

Summarisation across Projects

The data within an individual Item is useful to investigate individual issues, we are now investigating if there are data highlights that could be provided by summarizing data across whole projects. This could take the form of trying to find out what the typical data of an Item looks like, to help spot patterns within the individual Items that are differently distributed, so that they can be highlighted, or to provide general insights on Params at the Project level on the Items and Occurrences that have been received.

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