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Sentry, But Better? 6 Sentry Alternatives to Keep Your Code Error-Free

Sentry, But Better? 6 Sentry Alternatives to Keep Your Code Error-Free
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We all know Sentry, right? It's a big name in error monitoring. But what if I told you there are some impressive alternatives out there that might just suit your needs even better?

We’ve got Rollbar, Raygun, Bugpilot, and a few more on the table. Each one brings something unique. Let's compare them against Sentry by diving into their features, ease of use, integrations, and of course, their price.

If you're looking to optimize your app’s performance and squash bugs more efficiently, this is the guide for you.

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With 4.5 out of 5 stars on both Capterra and G2, Rollbar is acclaimed as one of the top error monitoring tools.

Rollbar provides real-time error monitoring and reporting with features like error grouping, deduping, and detailed error analytics. It supports a wide range of platforms and allows for stack traces and proactive triaging of errors. Rollbar also integrates well with project management tools like Slack, Jira, and GitHub.

All this makes Rollbar a solid, user-friendly choice for keeping your app running smoothly. If you're looking for an easy to use error monitoring tool with advanced diagnostic capabilities, give Rollbar a try. Plans start at $0/mo and unlike Sentry’s free plan, Rollbar’s offers unlimited users.


Raygun focuses on providing detailed diagnostic data with a developer-friendly interface. It offers real-user monitoring, dashboards, transaction tracing, and usage-based pricing.

Raygun also goes beyond tracking bugs. They offer an integrated platform that combines error monitoring, real user monitoring, and application performance monitoring (APM). Raygun’s starting price for error monitoring by itself is $40/mo, which is on the high side compared to other tools on this list.

Raygun has no free plan, but they do offer a 14-day free trial.


Bugpilot offers automated session recordings, detailed bug reports, and seamless integrations with tools like Jira, Notion, and Trello. It's particularly user-friendly for SaaS businesses and offers flexible pricing plans starting from $7/mo for unlimited errors and two users.

Their particular focus is providing first-class support for Next.js, a popular React framework. If you use anything else besides Next.js, you have to manually add the required script tag, an additional step in the setup process, making it less convenient.


BugSnag offers comprehensive error monitoring features but does not provide access to raw error data for in-depth analysis or account management automation. A G2 reviewer noted unexpected price increases, with their bill rising from $70 to $280.

One area where BugSnag excels is error monitoring for game development, supporting platforms like Unity, Unreal Engine, and Nintendo Switch.


Airbrake bills itself as “the simplest and most cost-effective Error & Performance Monitoring Tool”. Their user interface is often praised for its simplicity and ease of use, making it a good choice for teams who value a no-frills, efficient approach. Plans start from $17/mo for one user.


Glitchtip is a newer player in the error monitoring space. It’s an open source tool that you can self-host or you can sign up for their hosted version. GlitchTip does not have as many advanced features or as polished a user interface, but since it’s open source you can tweak and customize it to suit your specific needs, which is a plus if you have the development resources to do so.

They have a free plan with unlimited users but only with 1,000 errors per month. Their next plan up is $15/mo with 100,000 errors per month.

Features Comparison

Feature Rollbar Support Sentry Support Airbrake Support Bugpilot Support BugSnag Support Raygun Support Glitchtip Support
Real-Time Error Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Error Grouping and Alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integration with Development Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Error Tracking in New Code Versions Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Error Prioritization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Automated Error Assignment Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No
Data Access and Analysis Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No
Detailed Code-Context for Error Resolution Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Telemetry for Error Analysis Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Automated Workflows Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Account Management Automation Yes Yes No No No Yes No

Integrations Comparison

According to each tool’s website, here is what each supports. Do a CTRL+F to find which tool supports your use case.

Rollbar Sentry Airbrake Bugpilot BugSnag Raygun Glitchtip
JavaScript .NET MAUI .Net React JavaScript Adobe Air AIOHTTP
Angular ASP.NET Angular Next.js React Apple Android
Apple ASP.NET Core Django Angular iOS Angular
Django C# Ember Vue MacOS ASGI
React Android Express Backbone tvOS ASP.NET Core
Go Cocoa Flask TypeScript Swift AWS Lambda
FastAPI Objective-C Golang Polymer Android Backbone
Flask Swift Java Ember Proguard Bottle
Flutter iOS JavaScript Express C++ C#
Android macOS Magento Koa ColdFusion Celery
iOS tvOS Node.js Restify .NET Connect
Java Flutter PHP Android .NET Core Cordova
Ember Elixir Python C ASP.NET Django
Laravel Go Rails C++ ASP.NET (Framework) Drupal
Java Spring Java React minidump ASP.NET MVC Electron
.NET Log4j 2 Ruby Cocos2d-x Console apps Elixir
Node JS Logback Sinatra Electron Nancy Ember
PHP Spring Flutter WPF Express
Python Spring Boot Go Web API Falcon
React JavaScript Gin WinForms Flask
React Native Angular Martini WinRT Flutter
Ruby Astro Negroni Windows Phone Go
Ruby on Rails Backbone net/http Windows Store Google App Engine
Salesforce Apex Electron Revel Fluentd Java
Scala Ember iOS Go Java
Sinatra Next.js iPadOS Java java.util.logging
Spring React JavaScript Play JavaScript
Swift React Native JavaScript JavaScript JavaScript
Symfony Remix Node.js Ember.js Koa
Vue.js Svelte macOS Node.js Laravel
WordPress SvelteKit .NET Vue.js Log4j 1.x
Vue ASP.NET Core Angular Log4j 2.x
Kotlin ASP.NET React Logback
Minidumps ASP.NET MVC Svelte Minidump
Breakpad ASP.NET Web API Nuxt.js Monolog
Crashpad WPF Next.js Native (C/C++)
C Nintendo Switch PHP net/http
C++ PHP CodeIgniter Next.js
Node Laravel Drupal Node.js
AWS Lambda Node Lumen Laravel Node.js
Google Cloud Functions Node Symfony WordPress Objective-C
Microsoft Azure Node Silex Python PHP
Next.js Magento Ruby Pylons
Remix WordPress Unity Pyramid
OpenTelemetry Python Xamarin Python
PHP ASGI Xamarin For Android Rack
Laravel Bottle Xamarin For Mac Rails
Symfony Celery Xamarin For iOS React
Perl Django React-Native
Python Flask RQ (Redis Queue)
AWS Lambda Python Tornado Ruby
Bottle WSGI Ruby
Celery React Native Rust
Django Expo Sanic
FastAPI Ruby Serverless (Python)
Flask Rack Swift
Google Cloud Functions Python Rails Symfony
Pyramid Rake Tornado
RQ Sidekiq Vue
Starlette Sinatra WSGI
Tornado tVOS
Ruby Unity
Rails Unreal Engine
Sidekiq watchOS
AWS Lambda
Google Cloud Functions
Microsoft Azure
Unreal Engine

Pricing Comparison

Service Free Plan Starting Price Mid-tier Price Top-tier Price
Rollbar Yes $15.83/month $32.15/month Contact Sales
Sentry Yes $26/month $80/month Contact Sales
Airbrake No $17/month $34/month Contact Sales
Bugpilot Yes $10/month Not Available $149/month
BugSnag No $29/month $69/month Contact Sales
Raygun No $40/month $80/month Contact Sales
GlitchTip Yes $0/month Not Available $250/month

So there you have it—if you’re looking for a robust, real-time error tracking tool that offers user-centric insights, seamless integrations, advanced error grouping, and doesn’t break the bank, Rollbar is your go-to alternative to Sentry. Give Rollbar a try today and experience a smoother, more efficient way to keep your applications running flawlessly.

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"Rollbar allows us to go from alerting to impact analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. Without it we would be flying blind."

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