Deploy with confidence,
more often

Spend less time worrying and more time on improving code. With Rollbar, you can feel safe knowing every error is reported in real-time.

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Error logging, monitoring, and debugging

Loved by developers, trusted by enterprises

Rollbar automates error monitoring and triaging, so developers can fix errors that matter within minutes, and build software quickly and painlessly.

Where is your software delivery process stuck?

capture errors

Get tests from red to green faster

  • Diagnose and fix broken tests faster
  • Get real-time results and stack traces with local variables
  • Fix broken tests before the build finishes
monitor errors

Get through QA faster

  • Never wonder how to repro a bug again
  • Reduce the back and forth between dev and QA
  • Dedupe bug reports and prioritize bugs affecting many test cases
fix errors

Iterate in production faster

  • Error tracking in real-time
  • Only fix what matters
  • See exactly how and where the error occurred, and resolve within minutes

If my Mean Time To Discovery is based on a customer support ticket, I’ve failed. Rollbar allows us to be ahead of our customers and fix issues before they know something is wrong.

Tyler WellsDirector of Engineering
Tyler Wells

For developers, by developers

Lightweight, agentless error monitoring for front-end, back-end, and mobile

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Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

Configure and test

It's that easy! Supports Rails, Sinatra, Rack, queues like Sidekiq, can inject JavaScript tracking, and more! Check out the docs for more info.

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